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Taking Ayurveda to the 21st century

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Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022 is the dream child of an Ayurvedic doctor couple, Dr.Anupama and Dr.Santosh.

Started in 1997, the center has grown into a go-to place for people looking for authentic Ayurvedic remedies and solutions.
From fresh graduates to being one of the most renowned and respected Ayurvedic practitioners, they have really come a long way. This path has been travelled with sheer grit and determination to bring the treasure of Ayurveda to the public both in health and disease.

Our Story

Their strong belief that “Ayurveda, as a way of life and as a medical science is more relevant now than ever before” has kept them inspired all along. The intention to take the timeless knowledge of Ayurveda to the masses, coupled with a passion to explore it as a robust medical science suitable for the 21st century, providing safe and effective solutions based on the wisdom of Ayurveda, has made these doctors one of the most sought after Ayurvedic consultants not only in India but also abroad.

As one of the patients at the center once exclaimed:

“I feel so calm and assured just after I walk out of the consultation room. My anxieties are gone. I feel that I am half cured already”
Some patients trust the doctors so much that they take advice for their pets too. They are keen that their friends and relatives also consult the doctors at Shreshtha.

“You taught me how to heal my body and mind. You are like GOD for me!” V.Sharma, Bangalore.

Dr.Anupama and Dr.Santosh are often referred as their Family Doctors by their patients. They completely trust their judgement, as they find the doctors honest and caring. The last 5 years has seen a surge in the number of infants and children being treated at the Center, owing to the unique immunity program suggested by the doctors.


They include various individualized solutions to improve immunity in children and help them to avoid overuse of medicines. It’s not rare to find mothers discussing healthy recipes with the doctors. Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center is truly an Ayur Family Clinic.

The phenomenal results in cases of Thyroid dysfunction, infertility and PCOS have brought people from all over the world seeking their advice.
“Thank you for changing my life.” Preeti K, USA.

By 2007, the patient base of Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center had widened considerably. Several patients who had to leave Bangalore expressed a keen desire to continue consulting the doctors. Thus, the online/phone consultation service was born.
From booking the online appointment (Phone/WhatsApp/Zoom/skype/Meet) to shipping of medicines, the process is seamless and efficient.


Our doctors and staff have more than 15 years of experience with online consultation services.


Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center is serving patients from USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, France, Switzerland, Germany and Australia and taking Ayurveda to the global platform.

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