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Anudina Swarnaprashana is a one of its kind product.


It is the daily dose of immunity for your child. Ayurvedic Acharyas have always stressed on the importance of developing a robust immunity in the childhood phase, which will not only guard against disease, but will also promote good physical, mental and emotional health.


Anudina Swarnaprashana is formulated by renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Dr.Santosh of Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center according to the guidelines in the Ayurvedic classics. Each batch is personally supervised by the doctor and packed by his team.


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Benefits of giving Anudina Swarnaprashana everyday:

  • Medha Vardhana – improvement in intelligence
  • Agni Vardhana – improvement in digestion
  • Bala Vardhana – improvement in strength and immunity
  • Ayushya Vardhana – Improvement in life expectancy
  • Mangala, Punya – Auspicious
  • Vrushya – Aphrodisiac
  • Grahapaha – protects from bad effects from planets
  • By administering Swarna for a month’s time after birth, child becomes super-intelligent.
  • By administering for up to six months, person becomes Shruta Dhara – can remember whatever the child hears.


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Shreshtha Ayurveda Anudina Suvarnaprashan

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