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Crackot Ointment is used in the treatment of cracked foot.


Uses of Crackot Ointment:

  • It is a topical skin product that is used as an ideal remedy in the condition of cracked foot.
  • The ingredients in Crackot possess antiseptic, wound healing, moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It helps in removing the dead cells and softens the skin.
  • It is used as a protective coating for mild skin irritations and abrasions.
  • It can promote the healing of fissured skin and work as a mild astringent.


Beneficial in: Cracked foot, Skin care.


Direction for use of Crackot Ointment:
Apply externally over the affected area after thorough washing and drying 2 times a day, or as directed by the physician.


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