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Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center is the dream child of an Ayurvedic doctor couple, Dr.Anupama and Dr.Santosh

Started in 1997, the center has grown into a go-to place for people looking for authentic Ayurvedic remedies and solutions.
From fresh graduates to being one of the most renowned and respected Ayurvedic practitioners, they have really come a long way.

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Excellent treatment for PCOD and I conceived naturally. Thanks a lot madam for your support 

I had irregular periods (PCOD) from mature and been to many allopathy doctors for infertility treatments like iui etc.. Final option was to go for ivf. As ivf is the final step for motherhood, I thought of trying out Ayurveda. I took Ayurveda treatment from some other doctor but didn’t see any result. At last I have got Dr Anupama as a ray of hope to get a child. The way she treats & spends quality of time with her patients is really appreciable & recommendable. Me & my husband are always thankful to Dr Anupama. My periods have got rhythm with her treatment and I could conceive naturally. In one word I can say she is more than doctor to me.

We are blessed with baby girl on 17th Aug. Thanks a lot madam for your support & made me motivated all the time with positive energy & spirit towards having child.

Venkata Suneetha Sandu

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