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Food - Part 4, 3- prong approach to PCOS

Updated: Feb 17

Food & PCOS | Shreshtha Ayurveda

I am very pleased to note that the previous posts about food in PCOS has been a useful guide to many of you. As I like to repeat, use your discretion before making any change, as this is general list.

Fruits: Fruits can be a big part of a PCOS- beneficial meal plan. Points to remember:

  • Choose local fruits over imported ones.

  • Consume fruits as a separate meal. As in, do not mix fruits with a cooked meal.

  • Choose seasonal fruits. The fruits should be naturally ripened and mature.

  • Heavy to digest fruits like jackfruit, avocado, big bananas can be avoided.

  • Sweet fruits should be chosen over sour ones. As in, you can eat citrus fruits too, but they should be ripe and naturally sweet and not too sour. Avoid berries which are sour.

  • Some fruits which are suitable are: Yelakki banana, Pomegranate, water melon, muskmelon, guava, amla, sapota, orange, Musambi, apple (local), wood apple, Citron.

  • Choose fruits which are grown without pesticides and fertilisers. Otherwise, fruits can cause more harm than benefits.

  • You can alternate a cooked meal with fruits and salad. If your breakfast and lunch are cooked meals, mid morning and evening snack can be fruits.

  • Eating the whole fruit is always preferred over juice. If you want to consume fruit in juice form, avoid adding sugar. As mentioned before, do not add milk and make it a milkshake.