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A note for the pandemic times from Shreshtha Ayurveda

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

During these difficult times, I feel obliged to write to all of you with a few Ayurvedic words of wisdom. My husband, Dr.Santosh and I, continue to work and do our bit with maximum safety precautions. We are open to consultation over phone or video. The consultations maybe for follow up treatments or any other health concerns you may want attention towards. Many of you have availed consultation to understand the current virus situation better. Clarity helps us to plan better and reach some amount of equanimity.

You can reach us at or call on 08041129663 or call/whatsapp on 9900651800

I would first like to acknowledge the immense privilege which allows me and my family and most of us to stay home and stay safe in comfort.

Communicable and epidemic diseases are classified in the Charaka and Sushrutha Samhitha as Oupasargika rogas or Janapadodhwansa rogas. The revered vaidyas discuss the vitiation of Vayu, Desha, Udaka, Kala (Air, geography, water and seasons- shared by large communities) and various factors like the environmental pollution, lack of immunity, man made disasters like pollution as causes of epidemics capable of destroying nations.

I would like to list some of the Ayurvedic guidelines which can help us sail through this period.


As you know, these are the daily regimen guidelines which are simple acts but can go a long way in preventing diseases if they are done regularly. Some of them which can be useful now are listed below.

  • Jihwa Prakshalana: Tongue cleaning: Twice a day preferably with a stainless steel scraper (Read in detail here)

  • Saltwater gargle: Twice a day

  • Ensure smooth and regular bowel movements: This will avoid the accumulation of ama (toxins). Deviating too much from the earlier rhythm can confuse the body. Try to have a regular routine for all activities in spite of being at home.

  • Vyayama: Mild to moderate exercise will help physically and mentally. Start with stretches and proceed to do 30-40 minutes of floor exercises or Yogasana. End with Pranayama or breathing practice. Slow and deep breathing techniques like Anuloma- Viloma are more beneficial than fast and rigorous ones like Bhastrika and Kapalabhati at these times.

  • Since a lot of you are working from home on laptops and desktops, there are chances that the seating arrangements are not as ergonomically as you may find in your formal workspace.

  • Please find here some exercises which will help you prevent/manage the common RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries)

A few other things:


  • We have entered the Vasantha Ruthu, and according Ruthucharya, we need to avoid guru (heavy), snigdha (oily), amla (sour) and madhura (sweet) foods. These are kapha and pitta aggravating foods which need to be avoided strictly in this season.

  • Consume light and dry foods.

  • Most important rule is to eat fresh food while it’s still warm. In case it is not, reheat it, but do not eat cold meals.

  • Millets are suitable to add in your meals in this season.

Cooked food is preferable over raw foods in these times.

Boil water and store it in flasks in warm condition and consume through the day. Drink water at regular intervals and keep yourself hydrated.

  • Oil the hair and head at least twice a week. Learn the benefits here.

  • There is a high possibility of excessive Vatha vriddhi (Increase in Vatha) due to the increased screen time and also use of earphones/headphones. If you are not able to regulate it, then remember that oiling your scalp can help soothe your eyes and ears. While applying oil to the scalp, gently massage your forehead and outer ear. Oiling the sole of the feet also helps calm the Vatha. Try and listen to gentle music without the earphones.

Some helpful remedies: These are some preparations and medicines to help with any mild respiratory concerns you may have developed. And also to improve immunity.

  • Pick 8 – 10 leaves of Basil (Tulsi), 4 peppercorn, ¼ tsp of cumin seeds (jeera) and ¼ tsp of Turmeric powder. Boil the whole in 2 glasses of water, reduce it to 1 glass and filter this decoction. Add jaggery for taste and drink hot.

  • Amritarishtam

  • Amrutottara kashayam/tablets

  • Nilavembu Kudineer churnam

  • Vasakadyarishtam

  • Indukantha Kashayam

  • Indukanthamritham syrup for kids

We have got some questions about the use of Gomutra as preventive. Here is some information to shed light on that. Gomutra is used by Vaidyas with a lot of care. It is not enlisted in the books as something which can be consumed everyday (like amalaki) without the prescription of the physician. Gomutra, when intended to be used as medicine, is carefully collected from a well- looked after, grass fed cow and undergoes purification. It is a strong purgative which can have adverse effects on people if taken randomly. Since there is no reference of Gomutra being mentioned in the Aupasargika / Janapadodhwansa chapters of the books discussing epidemics, my advice would be for all of you to talk to your Vaidya before considering Gomutra as preventive.

You can reach us at or call on 08041129663or call/whatsapp on 9900651800 to schedule phone/video consultation.



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