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Your child needs a daily dose of immunity.

Updated: Mar 2

Increase immunity in children | Shreshtha Ayurveda

In this time and age, where everyday a new virus, a new antibiotic resistant bacterium and a new infection seems to arise, the only solution seems to be to strengthen our kids’ immunity.

It can a daunting task to immunize our children from all the current and unseen infections which may occur in the future.

We receive at least 2 emails every day from parents expressing concern about the frequent illness of their children.

Ayurveda, being a life science, emphasizes a great deal upon prevention from diseases and protection of health. One such powerful method to improve immunity in children is ‘Swarnaprashana’.

In today’s world of pollution, adulterated and chemically treated food and drinks, stressful lifestyle, electronic distractions, erratic climate changes, it is very important for parents to focus on improving immunity in children to help them to grow up into strong, healthy and intelligent individuals.

Swarnaprashana is one such method, mentioned in the classics, which imparts health and intelligence naturally. Kashayapa Samhita clearly declares that for complete and maximum benefit, Swarnaprashana should be given every day to children.

Kasyapa Samhita, the Ayurvedic pediatric text has this amazing secret to improve Immunity in children. It is the daily intake of Swarna bhasma in tiny quantities along with other herbs. Ancestors of Dr.Santosh who were Ayurvedic Vaidyas have been making Anudina Swarnaprashana for generations. Dr.Santosh now continues this legacy which had benefited thousands of children.

Increase immunity in children| Swarnaprashna | Shreshtha Ayurveda