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Exercise program for PCOS, 3- prong approach to PCOS

Updated: Mar 10

Exercise & PCOS | Shreshtha Ayurveda

We have received several emails of gratitude for this series. In this post, I would like to discuss about taking the exercise program to the next level.

Please note: I recommend you to start this set only after following the beginner program for at least 15 days. We have also talked about finding the right balance for the exercise program which should be a combination of

  • Building strength and flexibility

  • preventing injury

  • More consistency than intensity

  • Rest, recovery and relaxation

To achieve this, we arrived at the the following plan. The timings of these activities are altered here, as we are trying to move to a more advanced program.

  1. Warm-up and dynamic stretches- 5 minutes

  2. Movements- 5 minutes

  3. Asanas/ Walking- 30 minutes

  4. Slow-sustained/Static stretches- 5 minutes

  5. Pranayama- 10 minutes

  6. Shavasana/Cool down- 5 minutes

Be mindful of your stamina and endurance before moving to this level. It is definitely Ok to continue the beginner program for another 15 days if you still have exhaustion, pain or stiffness.

1. Warm-up and dynamic stretches