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Food, 3- prong approach to PCOS

Updated: Mar 2

Food & PCOS | Shreshtha Ayurveda

After touching upon the importance of exercise in managing PCOS, we now move to Aahara (food).

The importance of eating right cannot be overemphasized in case of a systemic and metabolic condition like PCOS.

Eating right is really broad term as it cannot be generalised. Ayurvedic Samhitas discuss food in great detail.

Though the diet recommended for every individual can be highly individualistic based on Desha (location), Kala(season), Vaya (age), Karma (occupation), Prakriti(body type) etc., there are certain dietetic rules which can be an extremely useful guide.

The intention is to discuss more about right food choices in a couple of posts. Let us discuss the first set of rules in this post.

1. Ushnamashniyat (Eat warm food)

The first and foremost advice is to consume a warm meal. And the rule advices to have the warm dish first in the sequence of the meal. A warm prepared meal helps to promote proper movement of Vatha dosha and balances Kapha dosha. Warm food also supports the agni and hence promotes digestion.

2. Snigdhamashniyat (Your diet should include good fat)

The meal should not be devoid of fat. Consuming good fats in the proper quantity with the meal is extremely important for various functions of the body. Cow’s ghee is highly recommended to be consumed along with a meal. The right amount of good fats consumed in a meal also gives a sense of satiety and fullness and prevents overeating and craving.

3. Matravatashniyat ( Eat the right amount)