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Oil your head twice a week and change your life!

Updated: Feb 17

Health benefits of applying Oil on the head | Shreshtha Ayurveda

This blog is inspired by a conversation with a dear patient during a consultation.

Whatever maybe the health issue, my consultation always first delves into understanding the lifestyle habits, daily routine, body and mind care rituals, exercise and food choices and various other aspects to get a brief insight into the person and their personality.

As an answer to one of such questions, she replied that she does not apply oil on her hair/scalp because she has oily hair and does not see the necessity of a hair oil.

At that moment, it struck me that oiling the head (hair and scalp) has unfortunately become a cosmetic procedure. Ayurveda speaks of oiling the head as a healthcare habit.

Charaka says

Health benefits of applying Oil on the head | Shreshtha Ayurveda

Application of oil on the head protects one from headache, hair loss and greying of hair. It strengthens the skull bones, brightens/nourishes the sense organs and ensures sound sleep and cheerfulness.

By understanding this explanation from Acharya Charaka, we can understand that an ayurvedic hair oil is much more than a hair smoothening or a conditioning agent. Healthy and beautiful hair is a happy by-product of the hair oil regimen.

Today’s lifestyle is replete with overuse of senses.

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