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What are the food recommendations for Psoriasis?

Updated: Mar 2

What are the food recommendations for Psoriasis | Shreshtha Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic holy trinity of treatment is Aahara(food), vihara (lifestyle) and Oushadha (medicines) in that order. While the lifestyle and the medicines can be followed through with the advice of the Vaidya,

Aahara/food can become a cause of concern for the patient. The suitable diet will need to be planned and cooked on daily basis, which can seem overwhelming. In this direction, we intend to write more often about appropriate and beneficial food choices for various health concerns.

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While we have discussed the various food ingredients which can be safely used during treatment of health problems, there have been request for recipes suitable for patients' undergoing treatment for psoriasis.

Treatment of Psoriasis largely depends on the food habits as a good diet is as important as medicines in Psoriasis.

It will be difficult to put all the recipes in this post. But as we go, we will collate recipes and will make an effort to keep them all in our blog space for easy access.

In the diet recommendation, most of the gourds found a place owing to their Tikta (bitter) and Laghu(light) properties.

Ridge gourd or Koshataki grows as a climber and is available in 2 varieties. One is the bitter variety used for medicinal purposes and the other one which is called Rajakoshataki which is not bitter and is used as a vegetable. The vegetable has some bitter properties and is a Kaphapitta doshahara (Pacifies Kapha and Pitta dosha)

Please find below a recipe to make a nutritious dish with ridge gourd.