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Understanding Pitta for Hair and Skin care -Part 2

Updated: Feb 17

In the previous article, we started a dialogue to see how we can balance Vatha with small, but consistent changes and see big results.

On this journey to great skin and hair, let’s explore more about how hair and skin care are not skin-deep. Your hair and skin is actually the mirror of your overall health.

For example, hair is considered as a byproduct/end product of the metabolism of the Asthi dhathu (the skeletal system). This means that only when the metabolism of various other systems of your body is working to their optimum, you can have good hair and skin.

Only when there is abundant water in the river, the cascading waterfall looks beautiful, spectacular and full of vitality. To address a weak and poor waterfall, you have to address its root cause: the lack of water in the river.

Most often, a consultation for hair fall takes the longest time than any other, because the root of the issue is mostly deep within. Healthy hair does not grow on an unhealthy body.

The health and luster of your hair and skin is an indicator of overall tissue health. The goal of great hair and skin can be achieved only when we start working from inward to outward.

So, it is absolutely important to look deep into other areas of life, which are seemingly not connected to hair and skin care. If we address these issues, some of which are a part of our constitution and some which are developed due to lifestyle unsuitable for us, we are automatically close to great hair and skin.

Hair and Skin care | Shreshtha Ayurveda

Is your state of health unbalanced, or in need of correction?

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