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What to feed my child during fever/cold and cough?

Updated: Mar 2

What to feed my child during fever/cold and cough | Shreshtha Ayurveda

More often than not, parents are anxious about what food to give children during sickness than the medicines. This anxiety is very real, as the children suffering from fever and cough/cold refuse to take any food at all and the parents are struggling to find healthy and suitable food which will not worsen the condition. The cardinal rules to remember while cooking food for children are

  • The agni/digestive power in the child is very low. The indigestion (the ama produced due to it) probably, is the reason behind the fever, cough and cold.

  • The body is busy fighting the illness which should be supported with rest, medicines and the right kind of diet.

  • The immunity of the child is already low, so it is not a good idea to feed uncooked food. Owing to this vulnerability there will be more chances that the child may get affected further.

What to feed my child during fever/cold and cough | Shreshtha Ayurveda

Here are some guidelines to prepare food for kids who are suffering from fever and cough/cold

There are 2 reasons or logic behind advising a pathya:

  1. The food itself is not suitable for the disease condition and may have opposite qualities (Guna) to that of the medicines.

  2. Since the agni is low, any food which is heavy for digestion may either take up all the enzymes for its digestion and leaving very little enzymes for the medicines to be synthesised and assimilated.

  • Food prepared should be fresh and well cooked.

  • The food should be light to digest and should be warm.

  • The food should be fed in small quantities and if needed can be fed again after an interval if the child expresses hunger.

  • Avoid ingredients like potato, peas green chillies, cabbage, cauliflower, maida, besan, noodles, pasta and boxed foods.

  • Salads, fruits, fruit juices and other uncooked foods should be avoided.