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How to make your ghee the Ayurvedic way?

Updated: Mar 10

How to make ghee | Shreshtha Ayurveda

After years of misconceptions, Ghee is again a topic of interest. The invention of ghee is dated as far back as the vedic period.

Ghee (Ghritha) is an extremely important food and medicine discussed in the Ayurvedic textbooks. Even people, who may not digest milk, may digest ghee. When we say ghee, we are mostly referring to grass fed cow’s ghee. It is a good fat with plenty of benefits. The following procedure further helps to make the ghee more bioavailable, hence lighter and easily digestible.

Samskritha ghritha

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit term ‘Samskritha ghritha’ would be ‘transformed ghee’.

Samskara: Sanskarohi gunantaradhanamuchyathe (samkara refers to transformation of the qualities of a substance)

Ghritha: ghee

Properties of ghee as per Ayurveda: Consuming ghee improves digestion, immunity, respiratory strength and functioning of the sense organs. Ghee balances Vatha and pitta dosha and nourishes the body tissues. It has detoxifying abilities and moistens dry skin. Ghee promotes memory and intellect and is useful during convalescence. It improves shukra dhatu (reproductive system in both male and female). It has the ability to improve eyesight and is also an aphrodisiac. It is a very important part of the postnatal diet for new mothers.

Ghee is one of the food items which is allowed to be consumed habitually. That is, it can be consumed in all seasons on a daily basis or for a long time.

So, I here present a method to make to make Samkritha Ghritha.

Simply put, I intend to post a recipe to make ghee lighter, easily digestible and healthier.

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